Friday, September 14, 2007

Special Meeting

Monday Night, September 17, at Broken Vessel Full Gospel Church, 1829 Dartmouth Avenue, Bessemer. 7:00 PM. More information, and we need more support.

Action Planned over Water Bond Issue

In order to bring attention to more residents about the possible rate increase for water if the Bessemer City Council does not pass the 4.8% bond issue, the BNA is supporting the following actions.

Meet at Snitz-Snider stadium between 6:15 and 6:30 tonight to pass out flyers.

Pass out flyers in the neighborhoods of Albert Soles, Jesse Matthews, Dorothy Davidson and Sarah Belcher.

Protest with us in the neighborhoods and at City Hall.

Here are the two most important things to do:

1. Call the council members and have others call to tell them it is not right to favor one individual over 30,000 citizens, and they should vote putting the interests of the citizens of Bessemer first. Tell them you understand the water rates may double (or more) and many people can not afford it.

These cell phones were issued by the city, and this is an issue of great importance to the city, so feel free to call. These are the council members who voted against the bond.

Albert Soles 369-0784
Dorothy Davidson 229-3475
Sarah Belcher 229-3474
Jesse Matthews 229-4314

2. Be at City Hall for the Council meeting on Tuesday. The planning meeting is at 9:00, and the Council meeting is at 10:00. It's good to get there for the planning meeting, so they can see that a bunch of irate citizens are there trying to cram into that little room. They don't like a crowd, and they get nervous. Then stay for the council meeting. They are supposed to allow citizen participation, but they do not always allow it. Whether they allow citizen participation or not, they will know why you are there. The water bond issue may or may not be brought up again.

Check back here over the weekend to see if events are scheduled.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Press Release

Bessemer Neighborhood Association

Mission: to improve the quality of life throughout Bessemer and its surrounding communities.

September 12, 2007

To: (Sent to all the TV stations and Bham News and Bessemer Newspapers)

From: Elvira Kidd, President of BNA
Joe Openshaw, Secretary of BNA

The Bessemer Neighborhood Association will be addressing the urgent issue of the Water Line bond at a special meeting on Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 7:00

Our concern is that city officials are looking to do what is best for themselves, rather than the water customers, in choosing a company to fund the water line to the city of Alabaster. Choosing the wrong company will result in increased water rates. Estimated rate increases range from 108% to 300%. The City Council had a chance Tuesday to remedy this by re-addressing the issue, but chose to adjourn the session instead.

Our meeting is:

Thursday, September 13, 2007 @ 7:00 P.M.
Broken Vessel Full Gospel Church
1829 Dartmouth Avenue
Bessemer, AL 35020

Minutes for August 27 Meeting

Review of August 27 meeting

The meeting was called to order by Elvira Kidd

The previous meetings minutes were read and approved.

Important issues discussed.

We were told the Jones Carpet Building would come down soon, probably that week.

Elvira said she has spoken with Camilo Fuller the mayor’s assistant, and is still working toward improvements in Animal Control.

We discussed beautification projects, including landscaping the islands along Dartmouth Avenue. Want to talk with Forrest Davis about this, and also about soliciting donations of materials from corporations such as Lowe’s, Walmart, Target and others. But we will wait until we talk with the city, or Mr. Davis. Joe will write letters to these companies when the time comes. I mentioned that the Foundry had a program called adopt a block at one time where they went out on weekends with community members to help disabled or elderly people clean up their yards or paint their porch and other small jobs in the community.

We talked about lighting, and members were asked to name streets that needed better lighting. Somewhere I have the list of streets that were named. The light on 19th street that lights up this church was mentioned and we hoped it would be back on by now, but it is not.

Joe brought up the Youth Violence Conference at UAB in October, and several members indicated they would go. Earl Cochran agreed to pay for 4 people to go. Brenda Williams, Elvira Kidd, Laurie Leslie and Joe Openshaw will go.

We were reminded that we came together initially to address violence and the effects it has on the community. We also realized that beautification helps drive crime out, so those efforts go hand in hand with crime prevention.

We mentioned the importance of getting our non-profit status, and Earl suggested we might can work under his non-profit until we get that done.

the meeting was closed and adjourned.