Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bessemer Updates

This is good news for Bessemer's South side. Two things, actually.

First, even though the Bessemer Neighborhood Association has not had meetings recently, we have still been at work. About two weeks ago, a video of Dartmouth Avenue revealed that truck traffic had increased to dangerous level on this residential street. During a six hour period beginning at 8 one morning, 46 large trucks drive by. Thirty two were large dump trucks, but others included beer delivery trucks, food trucks and gasoline delivery trucks.

Dartmouth Avenue, between 14th Street and Carolina Terrace is 100% residential, well except for the watermelon guy. So we suggested that a truck route which directed trucks coming from the direction of Lipscomb and having them turn onto Carolina Terrace and then to Carolina Avenue, which is primarily commercial, and to 14th Street, would make more sense. Trucks coming from highway 150 or 14th street, would continue to Carolina Avenue and follow this street, then Carolina Terrace, back to Dartmouth Avenue near the convenience stores that some of the trucks might be going to.
On the map, the star indicates the intersection of Dartmouth Avenue and Carolina Terrace.

I am pleased to report that our recommendation was approved by Police Chief Rutledge and Mayor May, and that signs designating the new truck route and "not a truck route" for Dartmouth will be placed in appropriate locations. When the signs are up, we will distribute information along Dartmouth reminding residents that trucks should not be seen on the street.

Letters from the Mayor, the Chief and Sgt. Brown confirm this.

Thank you Bessemer officials for addressing this public safety and quality of life issue.

The other news is that there is renewed interest in recognizing the south side of Bessemer as a historic neighborhood. Several interested persons will be meeting soon to see where we stand on this, and map out a plan to get it done. It's about time, but worth the wait. This will increase property values and increase interest in the historical homes in the area.