Monday, November 26, 2007

Minutes from November 5, 2007

The Bessemer Neighborhood Association met on Monday November 5, 2007 at the home of Elvira Kidd.

Elvira spoke briefly about the situation involving pastor Donald Moulton at Broken Vessel Full Gospel Church. She let us now that there may be a new direction for the church, more to come.

She reinforced that the BNA is separate from Broken Vessel, and that even though we have previously met there, we are not affiliated with the Church in any way.

Elvira discussed the possibility of holding meetings with the city, where the BNA would meet and the mayor or a representative would be there to inform the citizens of their plans and agenda. A twice monthly meeting schedule and an assurance that the meetings would be held in each district at least once a year were considered but it was agreed that probably one BNA meeting a month with just us, and the other with the city officials would be best.

Sam reported a meeting with Forrest Davis who said there was not grant money left. He spoke with Regions and with Buffalo Rock and got a positive response, but both entities want prices and proposed statistics for reducing crime before making a commitment.

Sam sent letter to State Senator E. B. McClain and Attorney General Troy King regarding dog laws. He also found that there is a vicious dog law and that Bessemer is not enforcing the law.

31 Center Street is an area of crime, next to Cynthia’s Barber Shop. Some increase in police presence was reported, but not decrease in crime has been noticed.

Elvira reported that at the upcoming council meeting, noise, smoke and water bond were on the agenda. Also she reported the $72,000 fee requested by Atty. Harris in relation to the water bond. This is an increase from $20,000, but no one knows why. In fact, no one even knows why the original $20,000 is being charged. Also, the proposed water bond is requesting $1.5 million more than they need. What is that money for?

Lodging tax increase. Elvira wants it to be used for retiree’s increase in benefits.

The school system is suffering. Elvira questioned whether our organization should be focused on education as well as our usual business. Elvira proposed we get with the PTSO and city council and all work together to improve the school system.

Our next meeting will be November 26, 2007 at Food World Community Room at 7:00.